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Divorce Process and Family Law Issues

March 18th, 2020|

Divorce and Family Law matters can be difficult and emotional for you and your family members. John Gummo has more than thirty years of experience and is active in Williamsport, PA and all surrounding counties and will guide you through the Divorce process. Attorney Gummo is committed to providing you the most cost-effective legal representation to resolve your family law […]

Dedicated and Skilled Family Law Attorney

February 14th, 2020|

John Gummo has more than thirty years of experience and will assist you with a wide variety of Divorce and Family Law issues in Williamsport, PA and throughout all counties in Central Pa. Divorces are contentious and emotionally charged cases. Attorney Gummo will help guide and direct you through your divorce and other family law issues including;

Contested or Uncontested Divorce, […]

Criminal Charges – Burden of Proof – Reasonable Doubt

October 2nd, 2019|

Anyone being
accused of or charged with a crime is in a stressful situation.
However, it is important to remember that before you can be convicted
of a crime, the burden is on the prosecution to prove “beyond a
reasonable doubt” that you committed that crime. The black letter
definition of reasonable doubt defines it as a doubt that prevents
one from being firmly […]

Rights of the Accused – Due Process

September 5th, 2019|

Anyone accused of
or charged with a crime is innocent from the Court’s perspective.
The legal rights of the accused must be protected according to law.
This protection of the accused is referred to as Due Process which
ensures the laws are applied fairly to the accused through the
conclusion of the case. The Defendant must have the opportunity to
be heard […]

New Law Increases Penalties for Repeat DUI Offenders

May 30th, 2019|

The new law that
went into effect on December 23, 2018 dramatically changed the way
the state penalizes multi-offense DUI drivers. Under the new law
passed in December 2018, Pennsylvania drivers with four or more DUI
convictions, regardless of DUI level, will face felony charges.

Pennsylvania is
no longer tolerating repeat DUI offenses of high blood alcohol
levels. Habitual drinkers behind the wheel are […]

Property Division Laws in a Pennsylvania Divorce

May 23rd, 2019|

All property
obtained during your marriage is marital property unless an exception
applies. Spouses must determine how to divide their marital property
once a spouse has filed for divorce.

In Pennsylvania,
monetary assets and property acquired during the marriage must be
divided between spouses in a way that is fair and equitable.

If you are unable
to agree how to divide your property, the Court will decide […]

How Does A Court Approve Relocation in Pennsylvania

January 27th, 2019|

All parents should remember that Pennsylvania Courts have a legal duty to rule in favor of the best interests of the children in a custody dispute or relocation case. Announcing the news of a move without proper notice can be detrimental to all parties involved. The rules and requirements for relocating in Pennsylvania are very concise.

A judge reviewing a request […]

Child Custody and Relocation

January 11th, 2019|

In Pennsylvania, no parent or party who has custodial rights may relocate without the consent of every other party with custodial rights. The parent who intends to move is required to provide notice within sixty (60) days of the intended move date, or within ten days of finding out that they need to relocate. As a result, if a custodial […]

Avoiding Tougher DUI Penalties

December 29th, 2018|

DUI is a very serious crime in Pennsylvania. Under the new DUI laws the penalties and legal consequences have become much stiffer. The new DUI law can negatively impact you and your loved ones for the rest of your life. Even prescription drugs can result in a DUI charge being brought against a driver who is impaired. A person who […]

New DUI Law Goes Into Effect

December 15th, 2018|

In Pennsylvania, the new Drinking and Driving laws have become stiffer and can negatively impact you or your loved ones who have been charged with DUI. Governor Tom Wolf recently signed Act 153 to increase the penalties related to Driving Under the Influence (DUI), driving on a license suspended after a DUI and DUI accidents that result in death and/or […]