In Pennsylvania, no parent or party who has custodial rights may relocate without the consent of every other party with custodial rights. The parent who intends to move is required to provide notice within sixty (60) days of the intended move date, or within ten days of finding out that they need to relocate. As a result, if a custodial parent receives a better job offer or position and must move in only a few weeks to accept the new job or position, then that parent must provide notice within ten (10) days of finding out about the need to relocate.

If a non-moving parent does not respond to the notice of relocation within thirty (30) days, he or she may essentially waive their right to contest the move.

If you or a loved one decide to move away for a better job or position or to be closer to other family members or for any other reason, you need to contact an experienced attorney to discuss your rights and make sure you comply with all requirements of relocation. Contact Gummo Law Office today to get advice and to fight to protect your rights if you plan to relocate.