John A. Gummo understands how emotional and difficult Family Law and Divorce Issues can be and will guide and assist you throughout this process. Whether you are able to resolve your issues amicably through negotiation or need an aggressive attorney or simply need guidance with child support, spousal support and alimony laws, or equitable division of property, John is committed to dedicated, effective, and aggressive representation to guide you to find the best resolution for you and your family.

Before you make a decision about your future, contact Attorney Gummo to discuss your rights and options. He will provide guidance and resolve in a caring, cost effective manner with all your divorce and family law issues, whether amicable or hotly contested.

John A. Gummo has the experience and insight to understand your concerns and to address them efficiently whether through negotiation tactics or by litigation in Family Court and Domestic Relations.

Gummo Law Office takes the time to listen to clients and to understand their situations. John A. Gummo is dedicated to meeting your goals in a cost effective and timely manner. His Divorce and Family Law Practice includes representation in:

  • Divorce
  • No Fault Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support or Alimony – John A. Gummo represents individuals and their families in child support, spousal support and alimony matters throughout Central and North Central Pennsylvania. A significant portion of family law deals with the economics of a legal separation and assuring that the parties receive fair and just equity in accordance with Pennsylvania law. At Gummo Law Office, we review all relevant information and individually work with each client taking into account all factors and adjustments the Court needs to consider when determining the proper obligations. In addition to the income of the parties, other relevant factors include health care and health needs, educational expenses, and special needs for children. Contact John A. Gummo for legal advice and quality representation in support matters in Central and North Central Pennsylvania.
  • Economic Issues
  • Equitable Distribution
  • Marital Property Settlement Agreements
  • Mediation
  • Protection from Abuse Orders


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