If you file for a Mutual Consent Divorce in Pennsylvania then the Court may grant the Divorce ninety (90) days after service of the complaint on the other spouse, and after you both sign and file the Affidavits of Consent. Once your spouse has signed the Acceptance of Service and ninety (90) days have passed then you and your spouse will be able to sign the rest of the paperwork to complete your Divorce.

Conversely, if one of you does not want the Divorce or does not consent to Divorce then the parties must live separate and apart for at least one year, or one year must have passed since the action in Divorce was filed. The Court will then grant the Divorce if the Court determines then that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

In Pennsylvania, both a Mutual Consent and a No Consent Divorce are considered No Fault grounds for entry of a Divorce.

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