Many divorces can be resolved amicably. However, a divorce that you do yourself without an attorney can result in being much more expensive and costly to you in many ways. A quick divorce without proper advice and planning could result in a long term negative impact on your finances and your future. Using an attorney from the beginning of your case will likely be more cost effective and less stressful in the long run than if you tried to handle it yourself.

An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you resolve your divorce issues effectively. An attorney can also educate you about potential critical errors in divorce and the implications of your different options. We can help protect you and your future and provide you with the knowledge, experience and advice you need with issues involving property division, pension and retirement, spousal support or alimony and child support. Whether you can resolve your issues amicably or whether they become hotly contested, you need an attorney to protect and preserve your future.