Gummo Law Office provides quality estate planning services for both death and disability and change in life circumstances, such as separation and divorce. We provide the options you need to make right decisions for yourself and your future generations.

You want to take the right steps to protect your loved ones and preserve what you have worked hard for. Gummo Law Office works individually with the client and provides carefully drafted estate plans suited to you and your family’s needs.  John A. Gummo works effectively in estate planning and administration to handle and protect you and your loved ones from the drafting of Wills and Trusts to guiding you through Probate. Our estate planning and probate practice includes:

  • Wills and Will contest.
  • Guardianships and Trust to address your or your deceased’s intentions in controlling and distributing your assets.
  • Living Wills and directives for Health Care to express your decisions.
  • Post-Divorce Estate Planning Services when time or needs change that occur with a divorce or life change.
  • Estate Administration and Probate. This includes validating the Will, opening the Estate, resolving and paying debts and distributing assets to the beneficiaries/family members in accordance with the wishes of the Will of the deceased or by Statute.


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