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Child Custody in a Divorce

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Child Custody in a Divorce

One of the greatest or most important issue in any divorce case is child custody. Custody, parental rights and visitation with your children are serious questions parents must answer during the dissolution of marriage or a divorce.

You need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to fight for you and to improve your odds of sole or joint custody with your child/children and to protect your rights to your child/children.

In a child custody dispute, if the parents cannot agree on child custody, the courts will do so for them. The courts consider a wide range of factors to rule on Custody. A court will review all applicable factors and determine what is in the best interests of the child and the judge will than make a decision on the amount of time for custody, visitation of the child/children with each parent. The actions or in-actions a parent takes also will have an impact on the court’s decision. The judge will also look at the past history of a parent as well as what you are doing to accommodate your child among other factors when making a decision of custody.

Contact Gummo Law Office to speak with John Gummo and get advice about your specific situation. Gummo Law Office will advise on things you can do to improve your chances of sole or joint custody and will fight to protect your rights in any custody dispute.