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Williamsport, PA 17701

Divorce Process and Family Law Issues

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Divorce Process and Family Law Issues

Divorce and Family Law matters can be difficult and emotional for you and your family members. John Gummo has more than thirty years of experience and is active in Williamsport, PA and all surrounding counties and will guide you through the Divorce process. Attorney Gummo is committed to providing you the most cost-effective legal representation to resolve your family law issues.

Attorney Gummo’s goal is to move a case forward in the most efficient manner and address your needs and goals as quickly as possible. While many divorces and related matters can be settled amicably, sometimes a settlement cannot be reached. Whether your Divorce is Contested or Uncontested, Attorney Gummo is committed to communicating with the client and personally discussing every option and aspect of your case.

Attorney Gummo has provided guidance and support to countless clients in divorce proceedings for over thirty years. This experience allows Attorney Gummo to offer guidance to clients through the mediation process in which both spouses are willing to work together to find an amicable resolution without court intervention. In many cases, the issues cannot be resolved between the parties and your case will need to proceed to Court. As an experienced litigator, Attorney Gummo will discuss and provide compassionate legal representation for you if he thinks your divorce and divorce issues must be resolved in Court. John Gummo will provide aggressive representation on behalf of his client if it is necessary for Court Intervention to resolve your case.

Call Attorney John Gummo today to schedule a consultation to discuss the divorce process or to resolve your specific divorce issue or family law concerns.