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How Does A Court Approve Relocation in Pennsylvania

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How Does A Court Approve Relocation in Pennsylvania

All parents should remember that Pennsylvania Courts have a legal duty to rule in favor of the best interests of the children in a custody dispute or relocation case. Announcing the news of a move without proper notice can be detrimental to all parties involved. The rules and requirements for relocating in Pennsylvania are very concise.

A judge reviewing a request to relocate for any reason will carefully scrutinize the moving parent’s motivations and whether the move will negatively impact the child’s education, quality of life and relationship with the non-moving parent.

The custodial parent who proposes the new relocation must meet the burden of proof. That parent must prove that the move will be better for the child or children involved and will not negatively impact the children in any way. The judge or court will not deny the relocation because the non-custodial parent’s visitation or custody rights will change.

Contact an experienced Pennsylvania attorney at Gummo Law Office to get advice about your specific situation and to discuss your strategies and rights if you plan to relocate or if you are disputing a relocation case.