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Jurisdiction in Custody Actions

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Jurisdiction in Custody Actions

When parents separate and a parent relocates to another state or county, it is important to contact a reputable family law attorney to decide what state and county will decide your custody issue.

In Pennsylvania, where the child has resided for at least six (6) consecutive months prior to the start of the custody action dictates which state and county will hear your custody case. Jurisdiction is determined at the start of the custody action before any court proceedings begin. The only exception to this rule is if the child is in immediate danger or if it is a case of domestic violence, than another Court can invoke emergency jurisdiction.

Once jurisdiction is determined in a custody dispute, that county and state would continue to maintain exclusive continuing jurisdiction over all child custody litigation.

Once a Court in Pennsylvania enters a Custody Order, any request to modify the Order must also be filed in the same court which would retain continuing exclusive jurisdiction.

Normally jurisdiction will continue to remain in that Court in Pennsylvania as long as one parent and the child continue to have a meaningful and important relationship in that jurisdiction.

Call Attorney John Gummo today at 570-320-2880 to schedule a consultation to discuss jurisdiction in your custody case and to arrange an appointment to file your custody action.