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Need for Child Custody Modification

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Need for Child Custody Modification

There are many situations that may arise when your custody arrangement may no longer meet your family needs. When that happens, a parent may want to get a custody modification to the current Custody Order or Agreement.

If your ex has a new partner with a history of violence or child abuse, you should ask the Court to change the Custody Order to protect the children from potential harm as soon as possible. Your children’s physical and mental health and welfare are at risk if you do not act immediately to protect them from that volatile situation.

A child’s educational and social needs also change rapidly as they change and grow. Certainly a toddler’s needs require much different parental support then the parental support required for an elementary or middle school child. Your Custody Order may need to be modified with one parent being more present and active in the child’s life than at the time of your Original Custody Order or Agreement. As the child gets older, they also have a more substantial voice in which parent they want to spend time with or in modification of the Order so it better meets the social or educational needs of the child.

After the divorce proceedings are concluded, many times the living arrangements change or your ex may enter a new relationship. A custodial parent may also get a new job or have changes with their employment which may require a custody modification. If your parenting time because of addiction or other issues was limited and you can demonstrate you have made the necessary changes in your life, you should also request a modification and more time with your kids.

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