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New Law Increases Penalties for Repeat DUI Offenders

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New Law Increases Penalties for Repeat DUI Offenders

The new law that went into effect on December 23, 2018 dramatically changed the way the state penalizes multi-offense DUI drivers. Under the new law passed in December 2018, Pennsylvania drivers with four or more DUI convictions, regardless of DUI level, will face felony charges.

Pennsylvania is no longer tolerating repeat DUI offenses of high blood alcohol levels. Habitual drinkers behind the wheel are now facing more significant penalties.

Increased penalties for DUI convictions will include greater fines and jail time for people with multiple DUI’s. Prior to the new law being passed, third and fourth offenses for DUI’s in ten years resulted in a misdemeanor charge being filed and less jail time. Now the penalties for a third DUI offense in ten years with a blood alcohol level in the highest tier/level will result in a felony charge and increased jail time punishable by a minimum of one year to seven years.

Additionally, drivers with four or more DUI convictions will now face felony charges at all levels rather than misdemeanor charges. As such, if convicted, DUI number four will now result in a felony in Pennsylvania regardless whether alcohol or controlled substances intoxicated the driver and regardless of which level the prior DUI’s were. The penalties for other DUI offenses have also been increased under the new law.

If you or a loved one have been charged with DUI, contact the Gummo Law Office today to review your case and discuss your rights and legal options.