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Sex Crime Charges

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Sex Crime Charges

Sex Crime Offenses are some of the most reprehensible and violent types of criminal behavior in our culture. Due to the severity and emotion of sex crimes, people are often quick to judge and prosecute individuals who are accused of these type of offenses.

If someone makes a wild accusation of sexual wrongdoing and you are summoned by police for questioning and interrogation you should have legal counsel present. It often can be a regrettable mistake to speak to police prior to contacting an attorney.

When you or a family member are being accused of a sex crime offense, you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney for consultation and representation. You or your loved one’s reputation, liberty and livelihood is all at stake when being accused of a sex crime or violent act.

When you or someone you know are being accused of or may be charged with a sex crime such as indecent assault, rape, or sex related allegations, do not speak to police or wait until you have been charged to contact an attorney. Make sure your rights are protected. Contact Gummo Law Office today to fight for your reputation, liberty, livelihood and your future.